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 "Hysteria" formed in Seattle from seasoned musicians to recreate the sound and look of Def Leppard.  Formed in 2013 Hysteria will be touring the Pacific Northwest and expanding to a venue near you!  Hysteria can play up to 2 hours straight! Mixing the highest energy hits from High n Dry, Pyromania and Hysteria! Hysteria also does rare shows playing the whole Pyromania album "front to back"!




                                                                                BAND REVIEWS

“The best part about this band is everything. They suffer through the wigs and the clothes, they have the props the backdrops and the soundclips like "Gunter gleiben glauchen globen" to put on the show for the fans. That's just a few things about this band Hysteria - Def Leppard Tribute….
I have seen many, many tribute bands and some just get up on stage and you see one band member put on one memorable outfit that states that they are that tribute band and the other members just show up in their street clothes, or there are too many members in the band (which I hate) it just takes away from the "Tribute band" effect. Hysteria is one that encompasses the entire Def Leppard experience with content, the perfect content.”-Joe B. (Promoter/Graphic artist)

"This band is the closest thing to the real thing, the first concert I went to when I was 15 years old was d
Def Leppard Hysteria tour, it's fun to be transported back in time even if it's only for a few hours!!" -Teri H.

“Fantastic show guys! Not only do you sound great but you look like you're having fun while putting on an impressive gig! Very reminiscent of the concert I saw in 1988, right down to the correct t-shirt, belt, sweat band and scarf on "Joe" & "Steve!" Looking forward to seeing you again!”
-Stephan A.

“There is simply no other Def Leppard tribute bands who possess the Full Package: Authentic Look, Sound and Stage Presence of the iconic group from the 80's. A real treat for those who still want to feel like they just attended a real DL concert!”
-Karen K.

"Amazing, talented group of musicians that can make you feel that you are at the largest venue and listening to the real thing!!" -Mychal P.

"My name is Mike and I'm The Guy that was sitting @ the table next to you guys and you signed the flyer before your performance....And the song list for me again after the show. I just want to tell all of you Again * That YOU'S Knocked it out of the park BIG TIME....The COSTOMES, The SOUND, The SHOWMANSHIP, Was AMAZING...Very Powerful.....When someone Experiences something great it stays with them....I must admit I'm still there...!" -Mike M.

“These guys know how to ‘Rocket’!” -Steven G.

"As a child of the 80's, the bands that actually sing and harmonize together with brilliant stage performance dominated my generation. Hysteria exemplifies those bands and the great music! Their energy, professionalism, and appreciation of their audience makes every one of their shows a fantastic experience!" -Josh M.